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So ya, Thought ya, Might like to go to the show…

the wall att park san Francisco stadium panorama

Roger Waters performs The Wall in San Francisco (May 2012)

@rogerwaters @OracleParkSF

John Prine (1946 – 2020)

“I don’t choose what I paint. It’s very, very difficult to write a song or to paint a picture. And I think people who do it, whose work we admire, like John Prine — he doesn’t one day sit down and think, ‘I know, I’m going to write a song about old people and what it must be like to be ignored in old age and the connections between people.’ He wrote that song after he spent a summer delivering laundry to old people’s homes and he would sit and talk to some of the old folk before. And so it’s an expression of some love that he felt in his life and maybe all great work stems from love and from the ability to love.” — Roger Waters

Flashback Friday

The child is grown. The dream is gone.

#DesertTrip @DesertTripIndio @rogerwaters

Three years and three months ago this happened.

Flashback Friday

roger waters desert trip

Roger Waters (Desert Trip)

#DesertTrip @DesertTripIndio @rogerwaters

Flash forward to tonight when I’ll be seeing Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets at the Masonic in San Francisco. Can’t wait.

Flashback Friday

Roger Waters @ Desert Trip

#DesertTrip #DesertTrip2016 @DesertTripIndio @rogerwaters

Roger Waters @ SAP Center in San Jose

roger waters sap arena san jose us them tour



Another ridiculously amazing show by Roger Waters last week. This was my sixth time seeing him, and every time blows my mind. I didn’t have a camera on me this go around so I have only these cell phone pics.

roger waters sap arena san jose us them tour dark side of the moon prism california live pink floyd


roger waters sap arena san jose us them tour

Pigs (Three Different Ones)

roger waters sap arena san jose us them tour

Comfortably Numb

Here’s a video someone else took from a different angle to give you a feel for the visuals:

And a very short clip I took near the end:

Roger Waters clip during Comfortably Numb in San Jose on June 7, 2017