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Metal Monday

red fang roskilde festival david sullivan topaz denoise ai-low-light

David Sullivan of Red Fang @ 2017 Roskilde Festival

@orangefeeling #rf17 @OfficialNeurot @RedFang @RelapseRecords

Imghrane from Morocco @ 2016 Roskilde Festival

imghrane roskilde festival topaz denoise ai-low-light

Imghrane @ 2016 Roskilde Festival

#rf16 @orangefeeling #roskildefestival

The final night of the 2016 Roskilde Festival included Sumac with a 2:15 a.m. start time. My waiting time included watching some musical groups I’d never heard of like Imghrane.

The 2022 version of Roskilde Festival is already sold out, even though few bands have been announced. Hopefully some will be added to the bill that I will want to see.

Happy birthday, Nick Cave!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds roskilde festival topaz denoise ai-denoise

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds @ 2018 Roskilde Festival

@nickcave #rf18 @orangefeeling #roskildefestival

Throwback Thursday

Behemoth @ 2019 Roskilde Festival

A little over two years ago, the above happened. And a little over two days ago, I got my haircut at Nergal’s Barberian Academy & Barber Shop in Warsaw.

Happy birthday, Nergal!

nergal behemoth roskilde festival

Nergal of Behemoth @ 2019 Roskilde Festival

#rf19 @orangefeeling @BehemothBand

I plan to visit your barbershop in a little over a month.

Metal Monday

watain roskilde festival-denoise

Watain @ 2018 Roskilde Festival

#rf18 @orangefeeling #rf #watain