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Tsukiji map in English and Japanese

tsukiji map in english and japanese

Tsukiji map (築地地図)

Tsukiji is one of the most confusing places on the planet. Maybe this map will help? Without a “you are here” magically appearing, I don’t think it will help too much, but maybe it will assist you a bit.

Here is a map of how to get to Tsukiji from the subway stations.

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi tsukiji tuna

Tuna purchased at auction at Tsukiji getting moved

Last night we watched “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” and it brought back lots of memories, including some from a few mornings I’ve spent at Tsukiji.

Fresh fish and eel at Tsukiji

fresh fish eel tsukiji market tokyo japan


Construction of a new fish market in Tokyo is supposed to begin this year with completion and a move from the old location (pictured above and here) in 2014.

Tsukiji styrofoam

tsukiji fish market

Mountains of styrofoam behind Tsukiji Fish Market - Tokyo, Japan

More than two metric tons of seafood are sold at Tsukiji every day. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the packing material (mostly styrofoam) that brings all the fish, etc. to the market each day creates a huge pile.

The first time I went to Tsukiji the mountain of styrofoam was about twice this high. Unfortunately, the SD card in my camera that day went bad and I lost all those photos.

Shopping at Tsukiji

When you are done looking at the fish in Tsukiji Market, you can always head to the outside markets to find endless rows of things foreigners aren’t used to seeing.

Ellie and I made this trip a few mornings after we had arrived in Tokyo. We were still jet lagged so badly that we couldn’t sleep anyway.

Tsukiji – Part 2

entrance to tsukiji fish market tuna auction

Tsukiji is huge. If you tried to walk down every aisle in the place it could take a week. So it’s no wonder that we never found the tuna auction on our first trip. The auction is tucked back and out of the way. To find it you will need a map. We made a beeline for it, with map in hand, as we came off the first train of the morning, and I’m glad we did. The above sign will let you know that you’ve found it. I was surprised that we weren’t first in line. I don’t know how the others got there before us, but the line quickly grew very long behind us.

tsukiji fish auction maguro tuna rules time

Only a few people are let in at a time (and there have been occasions when the auctions have been banned to the public for viewing). If you arrive after 6 a.m. your odds of getting in are very slim indeed.

frozen tuna maguro at tsukiji fish market tokyo japan

The freshly frozen tuna, with tails cut off, are lined up in row after row. Potential bidders are allowed the chance to poke around in the tuna’s cut off portion. They were diving in with all manner of poking devices to check for quality before bidding I suppose. Then, at just after 6 a.m., the bells started ringing and the auctions began in a flurry. I shot a 1 minute video of this scene below. The quality isn’t great as I was being jostled about by the other tourists. It wasn’t all that different from a rock concert.