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Waterfall Wednesday

narada falls mount rainier national park-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Narada Falls (Mount Rainier National Park)

Waterfall Wednesday

silver falls state park south waterfall-DeNoiseAI-low-light-DeNoiseAI-clear

South Falls (Silver Falls State Park, Oregon – May 2021)

Waterfall Wednesday

Shoshone Falls (Twin Falls, Idaho – August 2022)

Today’s photo comes from the aforementioned driving break on I-84 through southern Idaho a few weeks ago. You can’t really tell from the photo, since there aren’t any people in it, but Shoshone Falls actually is a bigger drop than Niagara Falls.

Secret Beach on the Oregon Coast

Secret Beach (Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor – April 2021)

Waterfall Wednesday

Sol Duc Falls Olympic National Park-DeNoiseAI-clear

Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park (September 2021)

Waterfall Wednesday

silver falls south falls top view oregon

South Falls from above (Silver Falls State Park, Oregon – May 2021)