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Hiro Ramen in Ashland

hiro ramen ashland oregon

Tonkotsu ramen (Hiro Ramen – Ashland, Oregon)

I’m more than a bit of a ramen nerd. I’ve tried all sorts of ramen across Japan and have sampled it in several other countries as well. I have been diligently following Ramen Adventures for a decade now.

Outside of Japan, ramen is usually mediocre at best, although there are a couple exceptions in the San Francisco Bay Area. A few places in Ashland serve ramen, but they are well below decent.

So a couple months ago, when I saw the sign for Hiro Ramen going up I was very excited. I tried to get a bowl, but they weren’t open yet. I was a bit disappointed that the owners were Korean instead of Japanese, but I did have some decent ramen in Korea so I was still hopeful.

Hiro Ramen is a touch above good, not great, but still pretty darn good–especially for Southern Oregon and non-Japanese ownership. It may be the best ramen between Portland and San Francisco. The service is very good, and the vibe in the place is nice.

I’ve sampled several different bowls. The tonkotsu (pictured above) is the best one in my opinion.

They’ve recently expanded the menu to include some Korean dishes (bulgogi, bibimbap, kimbap, etc.). I haven’t tried any of them yet. The egg in the ramen has improved over time. On my first visit, it was a hard boiled egg. They have fixed that so now it is more like the egg you get in Japan.

I will continue to eat here at least once a week.

hiro ramen ashland oregon mango mochi ice cream

Mango mochi ice cream

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