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Zepparella – Gretchen Menn

led zepplin female cover band

As mentioned a few days ago, last night I made good on my decision to see Zepparella at the Historic Ashland Armory. This place is much better than other venues in Southern Oregon. Compared to the Medford Armory, Main 1 Arts Center, and Rogue Theatre in Grants Pass (which is the worst) the Ashland Armory is in superior condition, has a better stage, better lighting, sound, etc. The size is also perfect. The Main 1 Arts Center is too small and the stage is too low. The Medford Armory is too big and hollow. All bands should come through the Ashland Armory instead of those other places.

Anyway, Zepparella were great. I had the best seat in the house, front row next to Zepparella’s lovely and talented guitarist, Gretchen Menn. The front row is great for the view, but the sound isn’t so excellent. I could hear her guitar and the drums well, but the bass and vocals were coming out of speakers to my sides or above me so my position didn’t allow for a good mix as you’ll hear on the video below.

The 3:04 mark is my favorite part as Gretchen gives me a smile. Enjoy!

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    Very SPUNKY live photo and vid….THANX 🙂