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Master of Buckets

john johnson johnny buckets hillstomp cuthbert eugene

John Johnson (AKA Johnny Buckets) of Hillstomp @ Cuthbert Amphitheater (Eugene, Oregon – August 2023)

@Hillstomp @CuthbertAmp

33 String Drive @ Britt

britt 33 string drive Jeff Fretwell Jeff Jones-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Jef Fretwell and Jeff Jones

britt 33 string drive Holly Hurley-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Holly Hurley

britt 33 string drive Rick Nelson-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Rick Nelson

britt 33 string drive Jeff Fretwell Jeff Jones Holly Hurley Rick Nelson Bob Evoniuk-DeNoiseAI-low-light

33 String Drive opening for Greensky Bluegrass (August 19, 2023)

Greensky Bluegrass last night

britt greensky bluegrass Paul Hoffman-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Greensky Bluegrass @ Britt (August 19, 2023)

@brittfestivals @campgreensky

Last night was my third time seeing Greensky Bluegrass in the past 13 months, although I think it was their first appearance, ever, in Southern Oregon. Oddly, it was the first time I’ve seen them without Holly Bowling.

britt greensky bluegrass Paul Hoffman-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Paul Hoffman

britt greensky bluegrass-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Greensky Bluegrass (Jacksonville, Oregon)

Buddy Guy @ Britt a couple of nights ago

buddy guy britt-DeNoiseAI-clear-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Buddy Guy @ Britt (August 12, 2023)

@brittfestivals @TheRealBuddyGuy

britt buddy guy band ric hall-DeNoiseAI-low-light-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Ric Hall

britt buddy guy band orlando wright-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Orlando Wright

Zepparella @ The Cuthbert Amphitheater


Tomorrow night @ Britt

michael brisbane project britt-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Michael Brisbane


Buddy Guy on the main stage; The Brisbane Project on the side stage. If you like bluesy guitar work, this is not an evening to miss.

Eight Dollar Mountain on the 4th of July

eight dollar mountain 4th of july ashland-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Eight Dollar Mountain – July 4, 2023

As previously mentioned, Eight Dollar Mountain had a gig under the overpass a month ago. The place was packed (and hot!) so we didn’t stick around for long. However, their cover of Neil Young’s “Powderfinger” brought a smile to my face. Less than two weeks later, I saw Neil Young in Bend and noticed a member of Eight Dollar Mountain in the audience.

Zepparella and Floater @ The Cuthbert Amphitheater

Cuthbert Amphitheater zepparella floater-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Zepparella and Floater (on stage together) @ The Cuthbert Amphitheater (August 5, 2023)

@RealFloater @RobertWynia @Zepparella @CuthbertAmp

In the past 15+ years I’ve seen Floater and Zepparella a great many times–well over 20 times combined. However, I haven’t been to a Floater or Zepparella concert since 2019. I was planning on going to Eugene on this evening anyway–to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show at the Hult Center. But when a Floater, Zepparella, and Hillstomp show emerged on the same evening, I changed those plans.

The evening was beautiful. Temps were in the 80s (but shady) at the start and ended in the 70s. The sunset was lovely, and the music was fantastic.

More photos coming soon.

Happy birthday, Natasha Neece!

Living Loving Led natasha neece-DeNoiseAI-low-light-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Natasha Neece of Living Loving Led (October 2020 – Williams, Oregon)

Lyle Lovett @ Britt last night

britt lyle lovett-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Lyle Lovett

@brittfestivals @LyleLovett

Lyle Lovett setlist (July 13, 2023 – Jacksonville, Oregon – Britt Music Festival)