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While wandering through Lithia Park a year and a half ago

japanese maples leaves lithia park

Japanese Maples in Lithia Park (Ashland, Oregon – August 2020)

Details from a walk in the park

Pacific madrone lithia park ashland oregon Foliose lichen

Pacific madrone in Lithia Park with snow and foliose lichen

Hitt Road

You can’t really see Hitt Road in this photo, but it’s there. This was taken on Ridge Road, looking west across Lithia Park a couple weeks ago.

Walk in the park

trail to lithia park snow winter ashland

East Side Trail (Lithia Park – January 2021)

Ashland Creek in Lithia Park

ashland creek lithia park

Ashland, Oregon (May 2011)

Selfies in Lithia Park during autumn

lithia park autumn selfie duck pond

Lower Duck Pond (November 2020)

The buildings in the background are part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Lithia Park East Side Trails

lithia park ashland trails oregon

Lithia Park’s main trail, along Ashland Creek, is well trafficked. The east side trails, heading up to Glenview and Ridge, are not. In fact, you can frequently walk them for hours without encountering another human.

Picnic season over

picnic swimming Granite Street Reservoir ashland oregon autumn

Granite Street Reservoir (Ashland, Oregon – November 2020)

Autumn in the Fairy Ponds

Lithia Park Fairy Ponds

Ashland Creek

Ashland Creek in Lithia Park