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On Ensemble (part 3 of 3)

Shoji Kameda on ensemble ashland green show oregon

I have a bunch more photos, but only three videos, so this will wrap up On Ensemble at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show for now. The guys seemed to be having a really good time performing. Shoji Kameda, above, was laughing while playing at this point in the show.

This last video I took with my new 50mm lens. Hence, there is no zooming in and out. I don’t see any improvement in quality vs. my 18-200mm lens, but if the lighting wasn’t as good this lens may have been a better a choice. Actually, with the VR (vibration reduction) on the 18-200mm lens (since these were hand held videos) I think the 18-200mm VR provides a better image (in addition to the versatility) for video in good lighting.

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