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Six years ago today…

Green baby

At the pond

Female at the pond

Lithia Park bridge

Model in Lithia Park

Model in Lithia Park

Today’s photo comes from a photo shoot I did just under a year ago for

SOU Women’s Soccer playing at The Master’s College today

Sydney Paulsen SOU Women's Soccer

Sydney Paulsen of the SOU Women’s Soccer Team

Today’s photo is from the 3-0 victory over Simpson this past Sunday in Ashland.

Southern Oregon University Commencement 2012 (part 2)

southern oregon university graduates class of 2012 raider stadium

SOU graduates listen to commencement speaker Dr. William Cook

school of business faculty members susan cain bryon marlowe joan mcbee

SOU faculty from the School of Business arrive at graduation

commencement class of 2012 sou

SOU faculty tent

southern oregon university students Lucero Murillo

hat throw end of commencement raider stadium ashland oregon southern oregon

Last shot of the day featuring the cap throwing at the end of commencement (more photos to come in a couple weeks)

Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera swing detroit tigers

Brandon McCarthy held Miguel Cabrera hitless last Saturday evening in Oakland. It isn’t often that Cabrera goes without a hit and strikes out twice. This is a guy who got on base 45% of the time last season and has finished in the top five of the AL MVP voting each of the past three years. But McCarthy had Cabrera checking his swing on several occasions. Cabrera didn’t like the strike call on one of his check swings and let the umpire know it. We could hear Cabrera still cussing all the way from the stands while Cabrera was getting ready to play defense the next inning.

How are your lip reading skills?

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera playing 3rd base at Oakland Coliseum

Ray LaMontagne

ray lamontange jacksonville oregon

Brandi Carlile opened for Ray LaMontagne a few nights back at the Britt Festival. Although Ray was kind enough to provide me with a photo pass (as photography isn’t allowed at Britt without one), it (and all of the photo passes issued that evening) had the stipulation that photos could only be taken from this one spot (which was obviously far from the stage and only capable of capturing Ray’s backside or occasional profile).

One good thing about this vantage point is it can give you a good shot of the crowd too (with a wide angle lens).

ray lamontagne britt festivals jacksonville oregon

I used my new 50mm 1.8 for this second shot. I think I could have gotten some great shots with it from my seat down front in what became lower light later, but I didn’t get to test out that possibility due to the rules.

Ray LaMontagne Britt Gardens

Finally, at the maximum zoom in my bag (200mm), here is as close as I could get. The possibilities weren’t very numerous from a fixed point with a band that doesn’t move around or change expressions much, but I still had a great time and Ray and the Pariah Dogs sounded great.

I’ll give you more variety from Brandi here soon.

On Ensemble (part 3 of 3)

Shoji Kameda on ensemble ashland green show oregon

I have a bunch more photos, but only three videos, so this will wrap up On Ensemble at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show for now. The guys seemed to be having a really good time performing. Shoji Kameda, above, was laughing while playing at this point in the show.

This last video I took with my new 50mm lens. Hence, there is no zooming in and out. I don’t see any improvement in quality vs. my 18-200mm lens, but if the lighting wasn’t as good this lens may have been a better a choice. Actually, with the VR (vibration reduction) on the 18-200mm lens (since these were hand held videos) I think the 18-200mm VR provides a better image (in addition to the versatility) for video in good lighting.

Southern Oregon University Graduation Photos (part 2 of 2)

a long line of SOU graduates

a loooooooooooong line of SOU graduates

Part 1 is here. You can click on any of these images for a larger view. From there you can right click a picture to save it.

dennis slattery rene ordonez

Dennis and Rene

kemble yates sou math department

Math professors...

This was the first year that professors formed a gauntlet since commencement moved from Lithia Park in 2003. I thought we should have done the tunnel like at kids' soccer games, but Dennis opted for low fives instead.

I think this is the first year that students (half of them anyway) marched in in front of the grand stands.

sou commencement 2011

Perhaps you are in there?

sou international students

Some SOU international students...

graduates from southern oregon university

Soon-to-be grads sipping coffee and chatting on the phone while walking in the procession...

sou professor gauntlet

SOU professor gauntlet

us flag sou oregon

SOU Business students

SOU Business students

sou graduates

sou commencement 2011

sou students at graduation

sou students graduates

I couldn't see the stage so I got to watch the new grads watch the speaker.

Bill Rauch, of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, was the main speaker at 2011 Commencement. He must have said something funny at this point.

graduation cap decoration

southern oregon university

southern oregon university

Tassles on the right until graduated...

sou graduate heading to UW for graduate work in chemistry

This SOU graduate appears to be heading to UW for graduate work in chemistry.

southern oregon university students

graduation cap decoration

This graduate grabbed a photo of the crowd just before her name was read.

After an hour or so of names being read, I amused myself with photos of graduation cap decoration ideas.

sou school of business faculty

SOU School of Business faculty

I finally made it into a photo. I think Rene just wanted to try out my camera.

At long last, SOU's School of Business students approach the stage.

photoshop mistake

Funny story... Actually, look at this photo long and hard to see if you can see what is "funny" about it first.

Did you see it?

Someone's camera got in the way of the guy's hands on the far right. When I tried to remove the camera from the photo in Photoshop, Photoshop was "smart" enough to realize that hands were missing so it substituted the other guy's hands in the far right guy's "hand place" too. I would have just undone it and left it with the camera blocking the lower right portion of the photo, but I thought this looked too funny to not keep.

dana baker

jayne atkins

Jayne was one of my accounting students...

Sachta Bakshi

Sachta Bakshi

joshua clark dennis slattery

alisha davis susan cain

Susan gives Alisha a hug proving that accountants are very personable.

tai pruce-zimmerman

Yongwen Huang

Susan Cain yongwen huang

tiffany mcguire

david nutting

tai pruce-zimmerman

andrea saxson

jamie snow

maya viknius

wenjun qi Yongwen Huang

You can watch some of Wenjun’s Senior Recital here.

Wenjun Qi Alan Case Yongwen Huang

southern oregon university graduates throw their caps into the air in celebration

Yeah baby!

jamie snow

sou graduation ceremony

The faculty were allowed to exit before everyone else, giving us first crack at the cookies placed in the end zone.

SOU Commencement 2011 (part 1 of 2)

sou commencement lineup grizzly peak ashland oregon

SOU grads lining up with Grizzly Peak in the background

I have about 60 decent photos from Southern Oregon University’s graduation ceremony this morning. I’ll post them in two installments. This first set of pictures will consist of 10, and the next one will have 50. If you were there, there is a chance you are in at least one of these images.

school of business students line up for graduation

david nutting rene ordonez

donna lane lisa sherril

Donna and Lisa greet soon-to-be grads

mark siders

Mark Siders visits with former students

donna lane school of business sou

Donna poses for a photo

A couple of Criminology professors arrive just in time

A couple of my accounting students discuss debits and credits

Dennis Slattery and a new grad