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SOU student Wenjun Qi

Wenjun Qi is a music major at SOU from China. She gave me pointers on my trip to China last year before we had even met. It was a friend of a friend kind of thing. But now I see her on campus all the time. I look forward to our meetings as she always has such a big smile on her face. On May 22 she performed her senior recital in the Music Recital Hall on campus.

Here is a video of her performing “Libra Sonatine” by Roland Dyens in three movements, India, Largo, and Fuoco.

Final batch of photos from the 2011 International Show at Southern Oregon University

Today I will wrap up the posting of photos from the International Show held at SOU.

More photos from the 2011 SOU International Show

I processed another 15 or so photos from last month’s International Show. I’ll present them in two batches. Tomorrow you’ll get the final installment.

Yuri Hamano 濵野 有理 Nozomi Shirato

Maori Kapa Haka

Even though this was a Hawaiian Luau, put on by the SOU Hawaii Club, not all of the dances were from Hawaii. In fact, I think more than half were from elsewhere. The photos in today’s post are from the final performance of the evening. I think it was called the Kapa Haka.

The above picture may look like a poorly taken photo (because it was thanks to the poor lighting conditions at the beginning of the dance), but it actually captures the feeling of the dance quite well.

SOU Luau

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring home the program from the luau put on by Southern Oregon University’s Hawaii Club. Therefore, I can’t correctly label these pictures as to what the dances were called or who the participants were. This photo is from the couples’ dance that was performed by the soon-to-be-graduating seniors.

Southern Oregon University International Fashion Show 2011


Each year, near the end of the international show, the students do an international fashion show. My-Linh, above, is from Vietnam.

Not all of the students represent their home country though. Ashley, on the right, was representing Thailand even though she is from Oregon.

Erina is Japanese, but she was part of the Mexico group.

The hosts of the fashion show portion were from France and Japan. That’s another student, Yuki, from Waseda University.

Earlier in the evening, many of the Japanese students (and some non-Japanese students) performed a medley of Japanese Anime songs including Miyazaki classics like Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫) and My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ).

Taekwondo from Korea at the International Show

Sachta Bakshi and DaeWook Kim were the hosts of SOU’s International Show 2011.

One of my accounting students from Korea, Jun Byung Joon, put on an amazing display of Taekwondo.

“Sakura” by Naotarou Moriyama performed at International Show

Sohana and Sachta Bakshi

Many of the SOU International Show participants at the end of the performance

Takumi the samurai

SOU International Show 2011

Tonight was SOU’s annual International Show put on by the Southern Oregon University International Student Association. I’ll have some more photos (and videos) in the coming days.

Derek Smalls (aka Harry Shearer) rocks Ashland

The Ashland Independent Film Festival began tonight. I’ve actually never attended before, but I’m a big Spinal Tap fan so I couldn’t miss the discussion with Harry Shearer. It was freezing and snowing when I arrived so rather than wait in line I waited in the car for the doors to open. Regardless of the fact that I was one of the last people in, I was still able to grab a seat in the front row (hence the picture without someone’s head in the way), although way over on the edge.

Harry spoke of his career, including Spinal Tap and Saturday Night Live. He also channeled Mr. Burns by request during the Q&A.