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Out at home …

sou softball kelsey randall

Kelsey Randall tagged out at home after OIT catcher blocked direct access to the plate

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… or was she safe?

SOU beat Oregon Tech this morning in extra innings to continue their season. They play again at 4:30 today (5/7/16).

The call above could have been the difference in the game though. The umpire ruled the runner was out without considering the obstruction rule. Here it is:

9.4.1 Obstruction is the intentional or unintentional act of a defensive team member that hinders or impedes the progress of a runner who is legally running bases, unless the fielder is in possession of the ball, in the act of fielding a batted ball, or in the act of catching a thrown ball.

1. The defensive player must be in the process of catching the ball and not merely positioning, waiting for a throw to arrive.

So did the defensive player position and/or wait for a throw to arrive while obstructing home plate? You be the judge:

sou softball oit catcher blocking obstructing home plate

Oregon Tech catcher blocking (obstructing) home plate without the ball

Another odd thing about this play is (in the series of seven photos showing the entire sequence that I have) the umpire began calling the runner out (with his fist) long before the tag was made. The top photo is the last in the sequence, and it’s the first showing a tag. The umpire was opening his clenched fist in this photo. He had an “out fist” in the three photos prior to this one before the tag.

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