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SOU #1 according to Massey

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Tyson Cooper with the takedown

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Apparently Massey was much more impressed with the Raiders victory over Carroll College yesterday than it was with the St. Francis win over St. Xavier. St. Francis fell from #1 to #3, and Southern Oregon achieved Massey’s #1 ranking for the first time since 2015. This is the first time ever that Massey has had the SOU defense at #1 in the NAIA. The coaches will still have the Raiders at #3 when their poll comes out tomorrow.

The only real chance St. Francis has of losing a game in the regular season comes Saturday when they face 3-0 Marian. Marian beat St. Xavier by 45 points (compared to the St. Francis victory of 8 points). Massey still gives St. Francis a 76% chance of winning against Marian.

The Raiders travel to Massey’s #8 Rocky Mountain next week.

2 Responses to “SOU #1 according to Massey”

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    This is trash.. St XAVIER was a playoff team last year who won a first round game. They play in a lot tougher conference. Their two losses came against Marion and Div 1 Illinois State before they played Saint Frances tough who was without their All-American running back. So don’t try to discredit St. XAVIER because they are very talented. I’ve noticed alot of bias against the Mid states conference, probably because they won the last 7 out of nine championships or something like that.

  2. 2

    You misunderstand my post if you think I (or Massey) is discrediting St. Xavier. I used St. Xavier merely as a common opponent. Massey has St. Xavier as #17. The coaches have them at #31. It’s the coaches who don’t consider strength of schedule much. Massey does.