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Yankee Stadium panorama

yankee stadium bronx new york main level section 224 row 1 view from

Panorama view from Section 224, Row 1 in New Yankee Stadium

The year was probably 1977 or 1978. I was about 9 years old. The setting was my home, and I was watching TV–not just any TV, but the NBC baseball “Game of the Week” which came on most Saturdays after “This Week in Baseball.” Mickey Rivers was the batter, and the location was Yankee Stadium. The field looked frightfully hot as the players were sweating and the sun danced off of Rivers’ helmet in strange ways. At that moment I subconsciously put a visit to Yankee Stadium on my bucket list.

Flash forward 30-something years and I was in a similar scene. Rivers wasn’t batting and Yankee Stadium got a face lift, but the sun and heat were the same. I took today’s photo (photos actually as this is a photomerge of 10 wide angle pics) 10 days ago. The reason the seats around me are mostly open was because it was brutally hot–over 95 degrees with high humidity. I could only stand it for a couple innings myself, and then I moved to a shady seat on the first base side.

Tommy Hanson was pitching for the Atlanta Braves and Derek Jeter was at bat for the New York Yankees in the above picture. I was actually much closer to the field than the photo makes things appear. The first row of the second deck (main level) is a wonderful place to sit (if the weather is reasonable) as you have tons of leg room, no one walks in front of you, and you are closer to the field than any other second deck (that I’ve been on) in baseball.

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