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Top of Grizzly Peak

grizzly peak dead trees burned ashland oregon fire

If the trees look dead in this picture that is because they mostly are. A fire burned everything on top of Grizzly Peak several years back. To tell you the truth, I find the hike on Grizzly to be much more interesting now after the fire. Not only is the dead wood beautiful but life is springing up like crazy at the base of the trees.

You can’t really see it in this photo, but I risked my camera’s life by taking this and a few other photos as we got caught it a hail and rain storm. I was soaked and so was my camera, but it is still working fine.

The bit of town you can see is probably Medford. I think I was pointed northwest when I took this photograph. This picture looks much better on a big screen, with your browser maximized, after clicking on the image.

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