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BugGiRL @ Club 66 (5/22/14)

BugGiRL Club 66 stryper yellow black attack

Stryper back patch

Once upon a time, 30 years ago, I had a friend who was into Stryper. I went along with him to one of their shows, much more to see the silliness than to show the band any kind of support. Strange as the evening was, I ended up catching a Stryper bible. Somewhere in a box in my garage is that relic from the past.

Fast forward to last Thursday night. BugGiRL’s Stryper-inspired logo graced the Club 66 stage while the drummer sported a throw-back denim vest with Stryper back patch. The night was destined to be a tongue-in-cheek fun one, and BugGiRL did not disappoint.

Did I mention that their current album is called “Lesbians for Satan”? Stryper would be proud. 😉

BugGiRL Club 66

BugGiRL’s Heather Webb

Clinno buggirl drummer


Amber Saxon of BugGiRL @ Club 66

Amber Saxon of BugGiRL @ Club 66

club 66 ashland oregon

locals get in on the BugGiRL action @ Club 66

Their tour continues through California, Arizona, and Texas so check them out if you are anywhere near their route.

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