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New NAIA football rankings

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EOU beat Western Montana today. Not much changed with Massey Ratings as SOU stayed put at #5. Massey was more impressed with Morningside’s win than Montana Tech’s victory over lowly Montana Northern so Montana Tech slid to #4 according to Massey.

Just a point of clarification… Several people said last week after this post that Massey doesn’t mean anything. It is true that Massey doesn’t mean anything in terms of who goes to the postseason or who gets home games in the postseason, but Massey means much more than the coaches’ poll in terms of predicting who will win games as I’ve documented many times over the years.

So what rankings do count? The extremely biased and inaccurate coaches’ poll is the only one that counts in the NAIA’s eyes. The first one comes out tomorrow (Monday, September 11). Based on what the coaches normally do, I believe Montana Tech will end up #5, Eastern Oregon will be ranked somewhere between #11 and #15, SOU will be somewhere between #14 and #18, and Western Montana will drop to somewhere around #20 or #21.

The Raiders will travel to Western Montana for next Saturday’s game. Massey has Southern Oregon as a 3-point favorite.

Update: How did I do?

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    I agree with much of what was said above. After following Massey, ComPughter, and Atomic Football closely for the last three years, they, collectively, have missed a prediction on one game. Now, this is not across all of NCAA and NAIA. It is for a program that has just returned to the NAIA: Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Having said that, I completely agree with the fact that the coaches poll does not well reflect data based polls (Massey et al.). According to Massey, OPSU is #25 in the NAIA nation, but OPSU did not receive any votes by coaches for the poll published today (9/11/2017). Clearly there is an element of “you need to prove yourself before we will consider you” in this. But, the fact is that although OPSU was an NCAA DII program for years, it was also an independent DII program that had an affiliation with the CSFL (AZ CHR, Langston, Bacone, etc.). With the exception of the newcomers to the CSFL, NAIA opponents are well known to OPSU – more so than most NCAA DII programs OPSU has faced in the last 10 years. I don’t see a huge difference between the 2017 OPSU program and the best OPSU programs of the last 5 years who beat Langston in 2015 and obliterated Sterling (#12 ranked and playoff bound) in 2013.