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Eight years ago today…

 adi tejada sutratma club 66

Adi Tejada of Sutratma @ Club 66 (October 2013)

Sutratma @ Club 66

James Petrucci Sutratma Club 66

James Petrucci of Sutratma @ Club 66 (10/11/13)

Denver Dale Sutratma Club 66

Denver Dale of Sutratma (California funeral doom metal band)

Adi Tejada sutratma

Adi Tejada

Casey Shropshire Sutratma club 66

Casey Shropshire of Sutratma @ Ashland’s Club 66

Sutratma Club 66

Martin Ayala

Adi Tejada Sutratma Club 66

Funeral doom metal is almost the last thing I want to be listening to when I’m going 70 MPH down the highway. The same goes for trips to the gym or while riding my bike. I need something with more gallop much of the time.

However, live funeral doom metal is wonderful. I never want it to end, especially when it is done really well like it was by Sutratma last night at Club 66.