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The Pike Brewing Co.

We had to kill some time on a weekday morning in Seattle. Not much was open, including the brewery. Tours began at 11 a.m. but we had to be on the other side of town before noon. I was hoping to have time for a tour the following day, but it didn’t work out. A Pike Kilt Lifter has to be good, right?

The Space Needle

A trip to Seattle wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory photo of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle. Last time, they were doing renovations so we couldn’t go to the top. This time, the weather wasn’t clear enough to make the $18 fee seem worth it. Next time…

Veggies at Pike Place Market

For capturing a rich assortment of colors, there is no better place than the Pike Place Market. Look, but in some cases, don’t touch.

Gum Wall

I somehow missed Seattle’s famous gum wall in Post Alley on my prior two visits to Seattle. The amount of gum has apparently grown in the past few years. The scene didn’t surprise me, as I’d seen pictures before, but what I wasn’t expecting was the strong smell of gum. The spectacle, combined with the smell, was grosser than I had imagined.

No flying fish :(

One of the things Pike Place Market is famous for is its fish. When you order the fish they throw the fish from behind the counter to the guy helping you on the other side who wraps it up for you to take away. Well, last week, and for the next couple weeks, there are no flying fish. Instead, there is lots of noisy construction.

Suzzallo Library

I have been in older, larger, more ornate, and far more famous cathedrals before, but I think the Suzzallo Library on the University of Washington’s campus is my favorite. Why? I’m not sure. The lack of tourists? The books instead of religious symbols? I don’t know. The place just felt very magical to me. I felt like rapping people on the back of the head and saying, “How can you study here? How can you keep your eyes on your book and not just look around this glorious space instead?”.

Gerberding Hall

Next up on this tour of Seattle is a bit of Gerberding Hall on the University of Washington campus. I took this from the steps near the exit of the Suzzallo Library. The library is 85 years old (and one of the most amazing buildings I’ve experienced). Gerberding Hall is a bit over 60 years old.

Moss covered, bumpy tree

I hope you don’t mind if I share Seattle photos with you for a couple weeks. This picture could have been taken in Ashland I suppose. The Pacific Northwest shares some common, or at least similar, scenes.

I took this pic on a little trail in Washington Park, just to the west of the Japanese Garden.

Shrouded In Veils

Last, but not least, the headliner of the show was “Shrouded In Veils.” They may have played the shortest set of the night. Is there a curfew of some sort in Seattle? I don’t know, but they ended right at midnight. No vocals from this band, just nice, grooving licks. “Heavy soundscapes” is probably a better description.

The bassist had his bass strap break early in on the first song. He tried some pink duct tape (still visible in the above photo), but it wouldn’t hold so he spent much of their set with his back to the audience and his foot up on the drum stand in order to support his bass guitar on his leg.

You can listen to Parhelion, off their new EP, here. It’s a beautiful song if you like heavy, complex, jam-type music.

He Whose Ox Is Gored

Next up, after Smooth Sailing, was a band called “He Whose Ox Is Gored.” Great name, great band. If I had to compare them to another band, they sounded somewhat similar to Isis or maybe Pelican. However, they didn’t really sound like Isis or Pelican either. They are unique. I hope they come play in Ashland someday.

The venue, El Corazon, is a fun little spot. The stage is huge for a club, with a pole in the front and slightly off center. The space for the crowd is probably only two times the size of the stage. The guy in the crowd in the above picture whose ear you can see is actually the guitarist in Smooth Sailing. If I lived in Seattle I would be here at least 20 times a year. According to the posters on the wall, loads of great bands came through during the past year including Katatonia, Kreator, Nevermore, Death Angel, Finntroll, Overkill, Vader (twice), and many more.

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