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A walk along the edge of Lake Bonneville

Another photo from my December in Utah today… Never heard of Lake Bonneville? Most people probably haven’t, but don’t feel bad. It is a prehistoric lake. What remains is now called the Great Salt Lake, which you have probably heard of.

The day after I took this photo I went on another walk in the same general area. The houses in that picture would have been under water back when Lake Bonneville was in its heyday. The walk was beautiful but extremely cold.

Polygamy Porter

I forgot I took this photo on my cell phone while in Utah in December. Utah has some strange laws regarding alcohol. The first Utah brewery only came into being in the late 1980s. This was the company, Wasatch Beers. Brew pubs were actually illegal in Utah until about 20 years ago. Even now there are only 12 in the entire state.

There are all kinds of crazy rules in Utah, which I don’t fully understand, like when you can buy beer, how much alcohol it can have in it (not much), and where you can purchase other alcoholic beverages in the state. I don’t think you can even get wine at the grocery store.

This Polygamy Porter made me chuckle. At only 4% alcohol, you’re going to need more than just one to feel any of its effects.

Salt Lake City LDS Temple

Another picture today from my trip to Utah late last month. Viewing the Christmas lights on Temple Square are a must if you happen to be in Salt Lake City in December.

Nativity reflecting pool

Another photo from our trip to Utah… This one is from Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

White day after Christmas

I have been in Utah for Christmas five or six times in my life. I think this was the first that wasn’t a White Christmas. However, the day after Christmas, several inches of snow fell in the afternoon. I went on a little hike up the mountain side before the sun went down in order to take this photo of Fruit Heights, with Kaysville (and maybe a little of Farmington to the left) in the background.

Assembly Hall on Temple Square

We went for a walk around Temple Square the other night. Rain was falling, but not too heavily.

The best looking building on Temple Square, in my opinion, is the Assembly Hall which is now about 130 years old. Temple Square is famous for its Christmas lights.

Merry Christmas from Utah

We spend Christmas in Utah most years. We weren’t here last year, but we are this year. It has been foggy every day so I won’t have many pictures from Utah this time.

Final Utah Winter Scene!

If you are sick of my pictures of Utah you are in luck as tomorrow we will be moving out of Utah and getting on the road back to Ashland. Today’s photo includes my father-in-law and nephew.

Yet another Utah Winter Scene

Temple Square

Here is another shot from Christmas Eve on Temple Square. The Mormon Temple is to the left and the building in the background is the LDS Conference Center, a huge building (seating over 21,000 people) the Mormon Tabernacle Choir frequently sings in these days.

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