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Fengleyuan Hotel

My residence in China was the Fengleyuan Hotel in Zhengzhou. The place looked pretty cool from the outside at night. This first picture was taken from my room.

I went on the roof one night to see if I could see the nightly fireworks that I was hearing. I could barely see the top of them (perhaps coming from the CBD, new part of town). The place looked even better from up here, much better than during the day when gray building under gray sky looked more depressing than anything else.

The hotel was OK on the inside. The floor mat in the elevator changed daily which was kind of fun. The staff was friendly to me, although communication was difficult, to say the least, as none of them spoke or understood English. I could usually get my requests across by writing kanji or by writing a single word in English which they would look up in their electronic, cell-phone dictionary.

The biggest problems with the place are probably the same as those at any hotel in China–the smells and floor. You can smoke anywhere in the hotel (or China for that matter) and most Chinese males seem to always be smoking. The floors were also not clean, which I found to be true in restaurants and the two hotels I stayed at on my way out of the country as well.

2 Responses to “Fengleyuan Hotel”

  1. 1

    What a contrast the pictures do provide, compared to the entry before !

  2. 2

    You’ll see more of the contrast in future entries as well. China can be completely different when you just walk a few blocks, or even just turn your head.