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The Grand Palace

If recent entries seem more random than normal, it’s because they are. Windows 7 randomly selects one of the tens of thousands of pictures on my hard drive to use as my desktop background. Every few hours the image changes. Sometimes an image would pop up that I wanted to edit, but there was no way to find out the name or location of the photo. Then I found WPTargetDir on the net, installed it, and now I can quickly open and edit the image down to blog size with a quick Shift + Click. So the past week I’ve been doing just that.

Today this photo of The Grand Palace in Bangkok was selected by Windows 7 as my desktop background. We had the most beautiful of skies that day in Thailand last December.

One Response to “The Grand Palace”

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    Bad news. This program which lets you see the location of the file currently serving as your desktop background image does not work in Windows 8. If anyone knows of a program that does work in Windows8, please let me know.