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Betty Boop

betty boop 50mm f/1.2 nikon manual lens ai-s

Depth of field at f/1.2

The other day I was in Medford for work. On my way I met someone via Craigslist who was selling a couple of manual Nikon lenses. Having never used a manual lens before (although I have used my AF lenses in manual mode on occasion) I was interested to try them out. Plus the price was crazy cheap so even if I didn’t like them I figured I could unload them at a profit.

Most of my lenses are largest at f/2.8. My Sigma 85mm goes to f/1.4 though. This 50mm lens that I picked up has a maximum aperture of f/1.2. It may be the only Nikon lens with an aperture so large. I had a half hour to kill so I dropped into the Medford library to try it out. The above was my first shot. What do you think?

I used it at the Stoneburner show too. My keeper rate at f/1.2 with manual focusing went down of course, but the ones that came out OK are pretty cool.

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