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Jolene’s Sweets for Christmas

jolene's sweets christmas tree

I’m guessing Jolene isn’t looking for any orders today or tomorrow, but here was the scene at my house last week.

More photos from the 2013 Ashland Independent Film Festival

AIFF-2013-Al_Case slomo life on four strings q&A

Q&A with the directors of “Slomo” and “Life on Four Strings”

AIFF-2013-Al_Case Awards2

2013 Ashland Independent Film Festival Awards Celebration
Still from “The Other Side” being shown on background
Song E Kim (Bite of the Tail) enjoying some dinner conversation

AIFF-2013-Al_Case Awards Jim Teece

Jim Teece

2013 Ashland Independent Film Festival Winners

AIFF-2013-Al_Case Awards lucy walker rogue award winner

Lucy Walker – Rogue Award Winner

AIFF-2013-Al_Case Awards andrew mudge the forgotten kingdom

#AIFF13 Andrew Mudge – The Forgotten Kingdom (Anne Ashbey – Executive Director of Ashland Independent Film Festival)

AIFF-2013-Al_Case Awards3

Historic Ashland Armory all fancied up for the Awards Celebration

AIFF-2013-Al_Case Awards slomo josh izenberg

My favorite short film of the festival, Slomo (Josh Izenberg)

AIFF-2013-Al_Case Awards song e kim bite of the tail

Song E Kim – Bite of the Tail

Happy Easter!

happy easter bunny

Betty Boop

betty boop 50mm f/1.2 nikon manual lens ai-s

Depth of field at f/1.2

The other day I was in Medford for work. On my way I met someone via Craigslist who was selling a couple of manual Nikon lenses. Having never used a manual lens before (although I have used my AF lenses in manual mode on occasion) I was interested to try them out. Plus the price was crazy cheap so even if I didn’t like them I figured I could unload them at a profit.

Most of my lenses are largest at f/2.8. My Sigma 85mm goes to f/1.4 though. This 50mm lens that I picked up has a maximum aperture of f/1.2. It may be the only Nikon lens with an aperture so large. I had a half hour to kill so I dropped into the Medford library to try it out. The above was my first shot. What do you think?

I used it at the Stoneburner show too. My keeper rate at f/1.2 with manual focusing went down of course, but the ones that came out OK are pretty cool.

More desserts from Jolene’s Sweets

jolene's sweets ashland oregon catering caterer cupcakes food porn photography nikon d600 nikkor 70-200mm

Jolene baked up some more desserts for me to photograph a week ago. Last time I used only natural light from her dining room windows to illuminate her sweets. This time thick fog wrapped the house so natural light wasn’t an option. I used a different lens and some alternative lighting for a different look.

My new lawn mower

ashland oregon deer population fawn baby

We had several fawns hang out in our backyard last year, but this is the first one I have seen in 2012.

Macro pear blossoms

macro photography flowers

Southern Oregon pears

Today’s photo of pear blossoms was taken much earlier in the month. Now the pear trees are all green and the blossoms are long gone. In a few months they will be loaded with pears. I’ll have to take another visit to this same spot then for a photo of the pears on the trees.

Ashland’s daffodils

ashland oregon flower daffodils

Pretty much the only flower you see regularly in Ashland is the daffodil. Why? It’s about the only flower the deer won’t eat.

Cherry blossom bokeh

nikon nikkor 35mm f/1.8g lens bokeh

I purchased a new 35mm lens, and it arrived a few days ago. Today’s photo is one of my test shots I took in my front yard.

Much of the lens was paid for with an gift certificate that I won from Tokyo Mango so thanks Tokyo Mango!