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Sunlight hitting a sunflower

Paradise Apple?

flower gold beach oregon-denoise

Flower near Gold Beach, Oregon

Hairy vetch

grizzly peak Vicia villosa hairy vetch

Vicia villosa (AKA hairy vetch) from Grizzly Peak

April blossoms

april blossoms topaz denoise ai-denoise

Daffodil days are done

daffodils ridge road

Daffodils on Ridge Road

The cherry and plum blossoms have been falling the past few days after peaking a week or so ago. Daffodils are also fading, but they looked pretty good a couple weeks ago when I took this.

Wagner Butte Trail Wildflowers

wagner butte hike wildflowers

Mt. Ashland wildflowers

Mt. Ashland wildflowers

Grafted pink and white cherry blossoms

Grafted pink and white hybrid cherry tree

Today’s photo comes from my next-door neighbor’s tree, a most unusual tree. The pink comes from the ornamental Kanzan cherry tree. The tree has been grafted onto the rootstock of another, hardier variety–a native wild cherry with white blossoms. These flowers are not from two different trees that are growing side by side. There is only one stump so looking at the tree when the blossoms are in full bloom in April is a bit shocking.


Spring flowers

Cherry blossoms in Ashland


On a bike ride last week I encountered some of the loveliest cherry blossoms I’ve ever seen. I didn’t have my camera with me so the next day I went on another ride with my camera. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember where I saw them the day before. I never did find them, but I did get a shot of these.