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Lich King @ Musichead

lich king musichead tom martin

Lich King @ Musichead (4/27/13)

Even if Vio-lence didn’t, more-or-less, cease to exist as a band 20+ years ago, they still wouldn’t sound as much like Vio-lence today as Lich King does. 😉 Vio-lence came on the scene soon after I left the San Francisco Bay Area in 1986 so I never got to see them. That’s OK because I saw Lich King last night and not only do they sound as good, they have a great sense of humor and “funness” to their shows that I’m guessing Vio-lence did not.

lich king musichead nick timney

Nick Timney of Lich King

Lich King doesn’t pretend to be carving out some new genre. In fact, they label themselves “East Coast Bay Area Thrash Metal.” I like that they say on their Facebook page, “where we stand out is that we admit [we play old school Bay Area thrash]. We think the sound of thrash was perfected in the 80s and we’re not trying to add anything to the mix.” Actually, they do add something to the mix. While thrash has always been good fun, they make it even funner.

Joe Nickerson lich king musichead dave hughes

Dave Hughes and Joe Nickerson of Lich King

Brian Westbrook lich king drummer

Brian Westbrook

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