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Blossom Bar

rogue river blossom bar

Rogue River’s Blossom Bar

#mynwrcphoto @NWRafting

Today’s photo features our trip leader, Dustin of Northwest Rafting Co., taking a duckie (AKA single-person raft) down the river’s most difficult rapid. On average, more than one person a year dies in these rapids. We all made it through without even capsizing. However, only the guides rode the single-person rafts down. The private group after us wasn’t so lucky. They were all OK though.

Once upon a time, Blossom Bar was impassable. Glen Wooldridge made Blossom Bar passable in the 20th Century by using strategically placed charges of dynamite. He would row up to a rock, drop dynamite onto the other side of the rock, and then quickly row away. He repeated this process until Blossom Bar became configured the way it is today.

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