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Happy birthday, Brien McKinney!

Major Jones @ Standing Stone (2013)

Major Jones @ Club 66 tomorrow (1/31/14) night

major jones standing stone

Travis of Major Jones

major jones standing stone club 66

Matt of Major Jones

Major Jones @ Standing Stone Brewing Company

major jones standing stone rock and roll band southern oregon live music

Major Jones @ Standing Stone

matt major jones standing stone bass band

kelly major jones standing stone brewery restaurant

Brien McKinney skinny major jones standing stone ashland oregon

travis drums major jones standing stone drummer

Major Jones @ Roscoe’s BBQ

major jones roscoe's bbq band medford rogue valley ashland phoenix

Major Jones rocking Roscoe’s BBQ on 1/19/13

A friend was telling me that I would like Major Jones after happening upon them at Roscoe’s BBQ in Phoenix (between Ashland and Medford) one evening. So last night we headed up old Highway 99 to check them out. By the time they played Black Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots” (about their fourth or fifth song of their nearly three hour set) I realized I had a new favorite local band to follow. Their original songs sounded great, and they covered Robin Trower, The Ramones, Cliff Burton-era Metallica (twice), Radiohead, AC/DC, and Motorhead.

major jones roscoe's bbq

(from left to right) Skinny, Matt, Travis, and Kelly of Major Jones

I had given up hope of recording video with a DSLR when the results from my D7000 were so underwhelming. I heard bad things about the audio with the D600 so I hadn’t even bothered to try. However, last night, just for kicks since I could set my camera on a table, I tried taking a couple of short video clips with the default settings and no external mic. The results came out better than my D7000 with an external mic! So now I have to consider actually trying to take decent videos with my Nikon D600 using something better than the default settings and with an external microphone.