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Happy birthday, Ben Stevens!



2019 Belly Flop Championship Winner

sou track and field steeplechase ian jackson

As promised, your winner of the 2019 Belly Flop Championship. I’m sure the healing properties of the water jump fixed that nasty wounded knee.

Belly Flop ian jackson college of idaho

2019 Belly Flop Championship Runner Up

sou track and field steeplechase

Most years, this would be our champion. However, as you will see tomorrow, our runner up lacked two things our 2019 champion had going for him–blood and glasses.

sou track and field steeplechase

Happy birthday, Marisa D’Orfani!


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Raider Invitational coming to Ashland this weekend

Splish, splash...


The Cascade Conference Multi-Event Championships will be on Thursday and Friday, and the Raider Invitational is on Friday and Saturday. The forecast is for sun, but some participants will get very wet.

Splish Splash

Full tub

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6 p.m. tonight is the steeplechase. Full schedule and more details here.



I’m sometimes asked what my favorite sport to shoot is. Although I enjoy watching (and playing) baseball/softball more than perhaps any other sport, the most photogenic sport is certainly steeplechase. I never know if I got a great shot when I shoot steeplechase (unlike football, basketball, etc.), but steeplechase photos are always fun to go through once I get home and can view them on a large screen.

2016 Raider Invitational

 sou track and field Jessa Perkinson shannon maas

Jessa Perkinson breaks SOU record in the 5k with a time of 17:12.31 while Coach Shannon Maas gives advice

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Events will be happening today (4/23/16) from 10 until 4 at Raider Stadium.

sou track and field eli stillman

Eli Stillman won the steeplechase

6-photo photomerge raider stadium track

sou track and field sydney norvell

Ashland-native Sydney Norvell took third in her first collegiate pole vaulting competition

More details here.

More photos here.


Steeplechase (AKA Track Swimming)

Not much of a throwback Thursday today as this happened just last week. However, this photo is racking up favorites on Flickr at an unprecedented rate so I thought I would share it here too. Clearly the “agony of defeat” is more popular than the “thrill of victory.”

In fairness to this steeplechaser (who was not an SOU athlete BTW), although she had troubles with the water jump on every lap, she finished in the middle of the pack and was far from last place.

More SOU track and field photos

SOU track and field Eli Stillman

Eli Stillman

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SOU track and field Anthony Neal

Anthony Neal