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Christmas Eve in Thailand

christmas eve pantong beach phuket thailand

Christmas Eve in Phuket featured an excellent sunset. We looked for a place to eat on the beach but couldn’t find anything that would satisfy us all. We ended up going down an alley just to the north of McDonald’s and eating at a place called S&G Restaurant. The food was really good, the prices were cheap, and the staff was friendly. I ordered a creamy curry which was the best curry I have ever had.

Thawiwong Road seafood

This is the main drag (Thawiwong Road) by the beach. Eat at one of these places if you want to pay more for lesser quality food.

Bangla Road

You can eat really inexpensively by eating at one of these stalls. This one is in Phuket’s night life center on Bangla Road.

2 Responses to “Christmas Eve in Thailand”

  1. 1

    These are great shots and it appears they have recovered well from the tsunami…am I correct? That top photo of your kids jumping in the sunset is amazing!

  2. 2

    Recovered and then some… If you ask me they are currently overdeveloping the place. There is tons of construction of new buildings while old and half-finished buildings sit vacant.