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Chinese people

Zhengzhou is an ancient city, currently under going some major changes. City conditions can be extremely different just by walking a few blocks. The area around my hotel was more old school, with loads of poverty, and many signs of, and buildings from, China’s 1950s and 1960s. Today’s blog entry features some photos I took on my first couple days in China.

The man in the top picture was parked outside an elementary school with two baskets of baby chicks to sell. I wonder if parents are happy when their child comes home from school with an armful of chicks.

For some reason most kids showed up to school a half hour or more before they could actually enter the gate. Therefore, there were lots of people with food carts selling the children something to eat. In addition, there are several tiny toy stores near the school entrances.

This little guy was eating french fries while riding on Pikachu.

Nobody thought this scene was the least bit unusual, except perhaps me. I realized why in the subsequent days as these kinds of loads were common; some were even larger.

It was a cold day to be sitting outside selling fruit. Rummaging through the remains of one of Zhengzhou’s many dilapidated buildings for some bricks didn’t look like fun either.

This was my favorite bunch of students at Zhengzhou University of Light Industry (郑州轻工业学院). They were cold, too, even though we were inside. The building had no heat (or AC in summer) so the room seldom exceeded 5 degrees C (41 degrees F). I taught in thermals, four shirts, a coat, and sometimes a scarf and gloves. On my first day of teaching (when I wasn’t prepared with all those layers) I shivered through my lecture.

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    Being a teacher on my own, allow me to express my great respect.

    With many Chinese people over here in Athens, Greece it was for sure of interest to see their origin. Either they do own shops, selling clothes or in a few cases walking through the streets, selling watches, toys and other things.

    A nice Tuesday for you.