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zhengzhou china

The first time I lived in Japan (more than 22 years ago now) I was out in the country. Occasionally my foreignness would draw stares. Usually the Japanese people would just glance at me a bit more than they would each other. This time, though, living in the center of Tokyo near a university with hundreds of foreign students, I rarely even get a glance.

Not so in China. In China I received prolonged stares no matter where I was, including the university. People would stop in the their tracks, or stop what they were doing, to soak up my foreignness in China. It was actually somewhat tiring. I felt relieved when I entered my hotel room and closed the door.

Given that I didn’t encounter another foreigner, other than two I was introduced to, the entire two weeks, I’m guessing that many of the Chinese people who stopped and stared at me had never seen one in the flesh before. This situation didn’t make for easy “fly on the wall” picture taking. Nearly every time I tried to take a picture of a public scene, even from a great distance with my camera fully zoomed, my subjects would cease their activities to look at me instead.

Today’s blog entry features three photos, which I didn’t realize until I downloaded them later to my computer, in which someone in the photo spotted me.

zhengzhou henan province

I was trying to photograph these guys playing cards, and the large audience they were attracting, in the park. Not only did someone behind them notice me, but they posed for the photo as well.

I’m not sure what this military group was up to. I don’t think they spotted me, but the ladies behind them did.

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    This is not a military group. High school students usually go to 1-2 weeks “military” training at the beginning of the term. 🙂