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More Chinese Food

sweat sweet and sour pork squid 咕嚕肉

My last post on authentic Chinese food was so popular that I’ll show you some more photos of real Chinese food–not the stuff you will find in Chinese restaurants in the USA or Japan.

I went out for dinner one night with a bunch of my students. They did the ordering and nothing looked remotely familiar. They asked what Chinese food I tried before coming to China, and I rattled off about a dozen dish names. They hadn’t heard of any of them. In my wallet I had written a few things in Chinese that I had tried and liked, as well as some I had copied off the internet.

For instance, Sweet & Sour Pork is 咕嚕肉. I showed them the food names from my wallet, but the only one the restaurant could do was Sweat & Sour Pork, which you can see a small part of in the far left and front of the above photo. The Sweet & Sour Pork was different though. No vegetables or pineapple were included, just pork and sauce. At this restaurant it was better than the 咕嚕肉 I ordered at my hotel, which was more like Sweet & Sour Fat.

squid octopus tenticles

I’m not a huge fan of tentacles, although I have recently come to love Chanpon (ちゃんぽん) which has its fair share.

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