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Summer plans

My plans for traveling this summer are firming up. Mondays through Wednesdays I’ll be in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I am planning several excursions on my four-day weekends including Norway, Sweden, Amsterdam, Germany, and Switzerland. I was hoping to go to Finland, Estonia, and Iceland too, but it doesn’t look like I will have time.

Death Angel has been kind enough to secure me a photo press pass for their performance at the Getaway Rock Festival in Gavle, Sweden. Shooting photos at a concert from in front of the the front row without a crowd constantly bumping into me will be a nice change.

I purchased a Eurail Pass for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland. Now the question is, what towns (with rail access) should I not miss in these countries? The Bergen Railway Line in Norway is a given, but what else? If you have experience in these places and can lead me in the right direction(s) I’d appreciate it.

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