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Don Quixote Museum in Guanajuato, Mexico

There are several symbols of Guanajuato. One is the mummies mentioned yesterday. Another is Don Quixote. The reason for the Guanajuato-Don Quixote connection is the nice museum in Guanajuato dedicated to nothing but Don Quixote.

Not only are the works in the museum very interesting and beautiful, but so is the museum itself.

The Don Quixote Iconographic Museum (Museo Iconografico del Quijote) is located near the Plaza de la Paz and Teatro Juarez.

I hadn’t read Don Quixote before my visit. After returning I did read the entire thing (all 1,000+ pages) with my son. I have an abbreviated version in Japanese (ドン*キホーテ) at under 400 pages that I plan to read someday.

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