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Tea for two

Tea for two

46 years in the making

1975 75 topps minis baseball willie horton mike schmidt blue moon odom

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The year was 1975. I was six years old. Somehow I came upon 15 cents, enough to purchase my first pack of baseball cards. That first pack was a pack of 1975 Topps Minis–a parallel set of cards from the year that was only available in Michigan and parts of the west coast (where I was). I’ve been picking up minis ever since. While I’ve had over 600 cards of the 660 card set since the late 1980s, I never finished the set–until two days ago when card #66 Willie Horton arrived in my mailbox. I bought it on eBay to finally complete something I started over 45 years ago.

75 topps mini baseball cards pack wrapper

The 1975 Topps set fittingly had Hank Aaron bookending the set with cards #1 and #660 (pictured below).

1975 Topps Baseball Minis Complete Set

I mentioned yesterday how many Hall of Famers we have lost the past year. Look at those first four cards (Aaron, Brock, Gibson, Kaline)! All four players died between April 2020 and yesterday. 🙁 Roger Moret, although not a Hall of Famer, also died in 2020.

1975 Topps Mini Hank Aaron #660

1975 Topps Mini Baseball Card Hank Aaron #660

Hammerin’ Hank of the Braves has left the building

hank aaron parking space atlanta

Hank Aaron parking space at Truist Park (SunTrust Park when this photo was taken in 2017)

Hank Aaron (1934-2021) always had a special place in my heart. I did a book report on him in 1975 when I was in 2nd grade.

Aaron’s passing means that nine baseball Hall of Famers died in the past year–an incredible number given that less than three, on average, are elected to the hall each year.

Half-mast for the victims of white supremacy

Blef denna byggnad malmo sweden half-mast

Scandinavian flags at half-mast in Malmö, Sweden (July 2011)

Today’s photo comes from a visit to Sweden just after the 2011 Norway attacks in which 77 people were killed by a white supremacist.

Building from 1651

store house norway folk museum

Item #97 Store House from 1651


Metal Monday

Heljarmadr dark funeral gefle metal festival topaz denoise ai-denoise

Heljarmadr of Dark Funeral @ 2017 Gefle Metal Festival

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