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Crater Lake Sunset

Crater Lake sunset

Happy birthday, Mark Osegueda!

Mark Osegueda death angel gefle metal festival-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Mark Osegueda of Death Angel @ 2017 Gefle Metal Festival

@deathangel @nuclearblastusa @nuclearblasteu #deathangel #geflemetalfestival #geflemetal

The new vocalist for Kerry King turns 55 today. As someone who has been 55 for several months now, I gotta tell him that it’s not as fun as being 18.

Five years ago…

portland snow walk eagle salmon statue irvington-DeNoiseAI-standard

Snowy eagle-salmon statue in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland, Oregon (February 2019)

Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area

Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area newport oregon

Near Newport, Oregon (November 2019)

Lassen Volcanic National Park’s Manzanita Lake

Manzanita Lake Lassen Volcanic National Park

Manzanita Lake – Lassen Volcanic National Park (September 2017)

Metal Monday on Tuesday

Altar of Oblivion metal magic

Christian Nørgaard of Altar of Oblivion @ 2018 Metal Magic Festival


Once again, I forgot that yesterday was Monday so this is a make-up post.