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Surfing the North Shore

oahu hawaii north shore surfing-DeNoiseAI-clear

Oahu’s North Shore (December 2017)

Happy National Siblings Day!

Taking a dip

Oahu sunset

oahu sunset hawaii-DeNoiseAI-clear Waikiki honolulu beach

Hawaii (December 2017)

We’ve been to all of the Hawaiian islands once now, but in just two months we are going back to the first island we visited (way back in 1997), Maui.


oahu trees hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii (December 2017)

Four years ago we were on our way to Hawaii. Our school schedules used to allow us to go to Hawaii or Mexico in early to mid-December (for much better rates and smaller crowds) so long as we returned by Christmas. Alas, the kids have graduated from college and work like real adults now, getting no time off except between Christmas and the New Year. We looked into a trip to Hawaii but found no rooms for under about $1,000 a night and airline fares at 2-3X the normal rate. No thanks. We’ll be staying in Oregon this year.

The Pacific

Halona Beach Cove oahu hawaii

Halona Beach Cove (Oahu, Hawaii)

Hawaii’s Byodoin

Hawaii's Byodoin