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雑司ヶ谷霊園 ikebukuro cemetery

Ikebukuro (June 2010)

Uppsala Old Cemetery

uppsalla sweden cemetery professor torsten tuvemo zen grave-DeNoiseAI-clear

Uppsala Gamla Kyrkogård (Sweden – July 2019)

The professor (also a children’s doctor) has had a fairly recent burial for such an old cemetery. Also, it’s always interesting to see the uniqueness of a different country’s cemetery. This one had a zen vibe to it.

Tjørnuvík graveyard

Tjørnuvík faroe islands graveyard cemetery-DeNoiseAI-clear

Tjørnuvík, Faroe Islands

Unbeknownst to me at the time I was taking this photo of a lovely cemetery in the surfing town (population 54) of Tjørnuvík, there is also a Viking cemetery (discovered in 1956 and dating to about 950) in town. I had no internet in the Faroe Islands so it’s a shame that I couldn’t look things up as I journeyed from town to town. Had I known in advance that I wouldn’t have internet, I would have done more research before reaching the place.

Kilmuir Graveyard

 Kilmuir Cemetery

Kilmuir Cemetery (Isle of Skye)

19th century gravestones in front of 12th century castle

edinburgh castle from The Parish Church of St Cuthbert cemetery

The Parish Church of St Cuthbert graveyard


 Haldarsvík faroe islands

Haldarsvík (Faroe Islands)

Haldarsvik wasn’t on my radar for the Faroe Islands, but, like many other small towns, I happened upon it on my way to another place that was (Tjørnuvík). The stone church in the village is from 1856. It is the only octagonal church on the Faroe Islands. Beautiful town with a waterfall going right through the middle. The body of water is not a fjord; that’s the Atlantic Ocean with another island on the other side.