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Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit Prairie Dog Town

prairie dog town north unit theodore roosevelt national park north dakota-DeNoiseAI-clear

Prairie Dog Town in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota – August 2022)

From 250mm in this prior image to 50mm in the above, you can now see the entire scene.

Black-tailed prairie dog

Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit prarie dog town-clear

Prarie Dog Town in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit

Hiking in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit (near Boicourt Overlook)

How many days do you need in Theodore Roosevelt National Park? That depends. If you are only looking for a scenic drive, you can see both the north and south units in a single day. If you like to get out, take pictures, and take some short walks, I’d say you need two days–one for each unit. If you are a hiker, and want to do many of the trails (there are multiple 10+ mile trails in each unit), then you probably want at least two days in each.

Emilio Pagán

Emilio Pagán of the Minnesota Twins (August 28, 2022)

Pagán came in with two outs and runners on first and second. He proceeded to walk the next two batters, meaning he walked in a run before ending the inning. A Twins fan near me was on him before he threw a single pitch. Sadly, the fan was correct.

Sylvilagus floridanus

Eastern cottontail rabbit in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

I saw a couple of these beauties this morning. If you ever find yourself in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, you’ll want to check things out around dawn and dusk. The animals mostly disappear in the middle of the day, but they are everywhere in the early morning and evening hours.

Two Julys ago…

glacier national park-DeNoiseAI-clear

Glacier National Park (July 2020)