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Too soon?

alaska reindeer-clear

Alaska reindeer

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wild turkey (Ashland, Oregon – August 2019)

Goat house

Faroe Islands (July 2021)

Topaz DeNoise demo

Before Topaz

A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica where he photographed the above hummingbird. He wanted to reduce the noise in the image while sharpening the subject. His attempts in Topaz DeNoise AI did the job somewhat, but when he got the noise reduced to the level he wanted, much of the detail in the hummingbird disappeared so he asked me for any strategies.

The image, below, was my take on the solution. First I used the “Severe Noise” option to selectively denoise the non-subject portion of the image. M on the keyboard allows one to select only portions of the image in Topaz DeNoise AI. After saving that denoised image, I then went back into the saved image and did the “Clear” option to sharpen the entire image (which focused on the subject at this point since the rest of the image had little detail).

After Topaz

P.S. If you don’t see much difference in the above two images, you are probably using a small, phone screen, or your monitor is automatically denoising things. You’ll see a pretty big difference if you have a decent monitor or made prints of the above two images. You can also download the photos and look at them at 100%, which will give you a clearer view of the changes.

Marmota caligata

Mount Rainier National Park golden gate trail marmot-DeNoiseAI-clear

Hoary marmot on Golden Gate Trail in Mount Rainier National Park

You can see a bit of the Tatoosh Range in the background (as well as some smoke from the Goat Rocks Fire).

Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit Prairie Dog Town

prairie dog town north unit theodore roosevelt national park north dakota-DeNoiseAI-clear

Prairie Dog Town in the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota – August 2022)

From 250mm in this prior image to 50mm in the above, you can now see the entire scene.