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Frog in Olympic National Park

frog olympic national park-low-light


Whimbrel in the Faroe Islands

I went walking through the town of Kunoy on the Faroe Islands after driving through a 1988 tunnel that was drilled through a mountainside at a cost of millions so that the 64 villagers would no longer need to take a ferry. I didn’t see any of the villagers on this day. But this whimbrel and its mate didn’t want me there. They must have had a nest somewhere.

Odense Seagull

seagull call odense denmark

íslenski hesturinn

Icelandic horses

Yellow-bellied marmot

yellow bellied marmot Spokane River

Marmota flaviventris (Spokane, Washington)

Sweet Creek Snail

shelled gastropod sweet creek snail

Pacific Sideband Snail

I spotted this shelled gastropod along Sweet Creek near Mapleton, Oregon yesterday.