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Konopiště peacock

peacock Konopiště Castle czech-DeNoiseAI-clear

Peacock on the grounds of Konopiště Castle (Czech Republic – August 2021)

Couple of Columbian ground squirrels in Glacier National Park

columbian ground squirrel glacier national park-DeNoiseAI-clear

Highline Trail in Glacier National Park (July 2020)

Faroese sheep

Faroese sheep faroe islands-DeNoiseAI-clear

Faroese ram (July 2021)

Fær is the word for sheep in Old Norse. Færøerne means Faroe Islands in Danish. There are a little over 50,000 people on the Faroe Islands and more than 70,000 sheep. Coincidence?

Blue-eyed horse on Witches Finger Trail

Witches Finger Trail horse blue eyes faroe islands

Horses of Tjørndalsá

Faroese horse faroe islands

Faroese horses

Most mornings on the Faroe Islands I would wake up to sheep around my campervan. However, after my final (rainy) night, which was spent next to a stream near Klovin, I woke up to these beauties.

Frog in Olympic National Park

frog olympic national park-low-light