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Devil’s Lake serpent

snake in devil's lake oregon-DeNoiseAI-clear

A snake in Devil’s Lake (Oregon)

Tree sweaters

south sister trail trees oregon-DeNoiseAI-clear

Mossy trees on the South Sister/Moraine Lake Trail (Oregon – September 2023)

Soda Creek Campground

soda creek campground site 9 oregon tent camping sunset-DeNoiseAI-clear

View from Soda Creek Campground (Site 9)

If you care more about views than facilities, Soda Creek Campground is glorious. No water or electricity, and the toilet is a bit of walk, but the neighboring Soda Creek meadow is amazing, and you won’t have far to go if you want to hike up South Sister or to Moraine Lake.


Petersen Rock Garden Bend Oregon-DeNoiseAI-clear

(a small part of the) Petersen Rock Garden (Redmond, Oregon)

When it comes to Oregon oddities, the Petersen Rock Garden property probably cracks the top 10. We were there in March of 2021. In September of 2022 the place sold for $800,000. Google currently lists it as “closed” so maybe a restoration is in the works?

Crooked parking lot next to Crooked River from Misery Ridge Trail

crooked river smith rock misery ridge trail-DeNoiseAI-clear

Crooked River @ Smith Rock State Park from Misery Ridge Trail (September 2019)

Crooked River

smith rock state park oregon-DeNoiseAI-clear

Smith Rock State Park (Terrebonne, Oregon)