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Alaska revisited (for the first time)

alaska glacier seals-DeNoiseAI-clear

Seals hanging out next to an Alaskan glacier (September 2022)

Last year my daughter took the above photo when she went to Alaska. This summer, we are going to Alaska, for a couple of weeks, for the first time.

Orca on the move in Kenai Fjords

whale kenai national fjord park orca

Killer Whale

Too soon?

alaska reindeer-clear

Alaska reindeer

Fjord ice

alaska kenai fjord ice-clear

Ice in Kenai Fjords (Alaska – September 2022)


alaska Denali National Park-DeNoiseAI-clear

Alaska’s Denali National Park (September 2022)

Turns out, if you want to see autumn colors in Alaska, you need to get there during the first week of September.

Otter in the fjord

 alaska otter-DeNoiseAI-clear

Otter in Kenia Fjords National Park