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Out on a ledge

7-photo photomerge sedona cathedral rock panorama arizona-clear

Cathedral Rock panorama (Sedona, Arizona – January 1, 2017)

Hayward Field Panorama

9-photo photomerge hayward field oregon-clear

Hayward Field (Eugene, Oregon)

Laguna Beach Panorama

7-photo photomerge panorama laguna beach sunset-clear

7-photo photomerge of a Laguna Beach sunset (December 2019)

Somewhere on Streymoy

Near Hvalba in the Faroe Islands

Not the worst place in the world to pull over and take a pee…

Poznań Stadium

Poznań Stadium

Before this show (which was just outside of the stadium), I toured Stadion Poznań. I didn’t tell them that I couldn’t understand Polish, but there was a Dane also on the tour who asked for the tour to also be in English so I got a lot more out of it than had it only been in Polish. The Dane asked me to take professional photos for him so I did. I gave him my card, and he never contacted me so I’m just getting around to processing this 7-photo photomerge now.

Raekoja plats

Red SUV photobomber