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Lookout Point Trail in Richardson Grove State Park

california redwoods

Redwoods framing trail on Lookout Point Trail

On our way to the Hog Farm Hideaway, we spent a night camping in the redwoods. After setting up my tent, I went for a walk and saw a sign for “Lookout Point Trail”. The lookout was supposed to be just .3 miles ahead. With my bad back I figured I could still easily do it so I set off. Alas, I took a wrong turn and ended up doing more than a mile loop before finding the lookout. The lookout has long since become obstructed by trees so you can’t really see much, but the trail was spectacular if you like redwoods.

Laguna Beach Panorama

8-photo photomerge laguna beach sunset-DeNoiseAI-clear-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

December 28, 2019

Moehl Stadium and Upper Klamath Lake

21-photo photomerge oit track klamath lake-DeNoiseAI-clear

View from Oregon Institute of Technology (March 29, 2023)


Cap Rock Trailhead

9-photo photomerge makoshika state park montana-DeNoiseAI-clear

Looking west in Makoshika State Park (Montana – September 2022)

A 600-pound juvenile female triceratops skull measuring 5.5 feet long was unearthed at this location in Glendive, Montana in 1991. The skull is displayed in the park’s visitor center. I didn’t know that when I went here so I didn’t go in. 🙁

Portland Thorns @ Providence Park

9-photo photomerge panorama portland thorns Providence Park-DeNoiseAI-clear

9-photo photomerged panorama of Providence Park (Portland, Oregon – June 19, 2022)


11-circuit labyrinth in forest

8-photo photomerge Sacred Garden of Maliko medieval 11-circuit labyrinth Kukui forest-clear

Sacred Garden of Maliko on Maui