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Panorama from Shosenkyo

8-photo photomerge panorama Shosenkyo kofu yamanashi japan


Today’s photo comes from the top of the Shosenkyo Ropeway (昇仙峡ロープウェイ). The body of water in the distance to the right is Nosen Lake (能泉湖), an artificial lake created by the Arakawa Dam.

Portage Lake

photo photomerge portage lake alaska

Portage Lake, Alaska (August 2023)

One thing that I love about traveling, beyond seeing new things and meeting new people, is that things that weren’t on my radar before become interests for the rest of my days. For instance, I would have skipped over this article in the NY Times a few days ago were it not for my trip to Alaska last summer.

Seven years ago today…

10-photo photomerge red rock canyon las vegas nevada landscape panorama

Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas)

San Francisco Bay

12-photo photomerge san francisco bay panorama

San Francisco Bay panorama (August 2015)

Horseshoe Bay in the foreground on the left and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge on the right.

Denver self-portrait panorama

8-photo photomerge denver coors field rainbow colorado

Rainbow and downtown Denver from Coors Field (August 2014)

Southern Oregon Coast

10-photo photomerge gold beach otter point

Otter Point Overlook (April 2021)