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Poznań Stadium

Poznań Stadium

Before this show (which was just outside of the stadium), I toured Stadion Poznań. I didn’t tell them that I couldn’t understand Polish, but there was a Dane also on the tour who asked for the tour to also be in English so I got a lot more out of it than had it only been in Polish. The Dane asked me to take professional photos for him so I did. I gave him my card, and he never contacted me so I’m just getting around to processing this 7-photo photomerge now.

Český Krumlov

9 photo photomerge Český Krumlov topaz denoise ai-standard

View from Vyhlídka na Český Krumlov

Five years ago today…

Arizona hiking

Viðareiði Kirkja panorama (Faroe Islands)

Viðareiði Kirkja panorama (Faroe Islands)

Today’s photo comes from the farthest northern place I went to on the Faroe Islands. I’ve been to some pretty beautiful locations during my 53+ years on earth (Yosemite National Park, Kyoto, Glacier National Park, Norway, Hawaii, Oregon coast, Koyasan, Iceland, etc.), and this spot is definitely in my Top 10, maybe in my Top 5. It certainly didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect, and no one else was there.

Munds Wagon Trail Panorama

10-photo photomerge sedona arizona munds wagon trail panorama

Sedona, Arizona (January 2017)

Truist Park (when it was SunTrust Park)

photo photomerge suntrust park atlanta georgia topaz denoise ai-clear

SunTrust Park photomerge (Atlanta, Georgia – November 2017)