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Metal Monday

blind guardian copenhell 2016-DeNoiseAI-clear

Blind Guardian crowd at 2016 Copenhell

@blind_guardian #copenhell2016 @COPENHELL #copenhell

Happy birthday, Jackie Petersen!

Metal Monday


@COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2018 #crowd #crowdsurfing

Abbath crowd and setlist


Abbath crowd in the rain

@COPENHELL #copenhell #Abbath

abbath setlist copenhell 2016 topaz denoise ai-severe-noise

Abbath setlist @ 2016 Copenhell

Metal Monday

copenhell alice cooper kid battle vest topaz denoise ai-standard

2018 Copenhell battle vest on a kid featuring Alice Cooper’s Special Forces

“Who do you think we are?”

One of my favorite Alice Cooper albums, and one that Alice doesn’t recall making and few fans speak of, “Special Forces” is his finest post-1970s work IMO.

Photos from Josefstadt day three

Mgła’s Maciej Kowalski

sdi josefstadt topaz denoise ai-low-light


azarath josefstadt Zbigniew Robert Promiński Inferno topaz denoise ai-low-light

Azarath’s Inferno

josefstadt reactory goat topaz denoise ai-low-light

Animal zombies crowd surfing during Reactory

josefstadt igorrr topaz denoise ai-low-light

Igorrr’s Aphrodite Patoulidou

josefstadt mgla topaz denoise ai-low-light