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Tomb of the faithful cat

You can find this between the Ryogoku Metro Station and the sumo arena in Tokyo. It’s a story from the Edo Era.

This photo is from 2010, and the plaque has since been replaced. The new version has the title in English (but no translation of the rest).

The story in English is something like this (copied from elsewhere, not a direct translation of the above):

“Near the vicinity of Fukagawa, a cat-lover and fish-dealer named Rihei would come to the house of Tokita Kisabu to sell some fish. Tokita had a mottled cat that he had kept for about four of five years, and Rihei never failed to toss a fish to the cat when he came calling.

A time came when Rihei fell ill and could no longer go on his rounds selling fish. That same mottled cat came calling instead at Rihei’s house and said:

“I haven’t seen you for such a long time, I thought I had better come and check on you.”

“I am ill and have not been able to sell my fish.” Rihei answered.

Hearing this, the cat’s head hung low as he slinked out of the home. He soon returned, bearing a single golden koban coin in his mouth.

With this, Rihei was able to go back into business and once again returned to his custom of tossing a fish to the cat when he was on his rounds. The cat came calling once again to Rihei’s house, this time bearing a bounty of three coins in his mouth. Sadly, Rihei was not in and the clerk at the shop was so startled by the cat’s strange appearance that he swung at the mottled cat and killed it.

Rihei was saddened by this, and after discussing it with Tokita decided to use the money born by the cat to build a grave for him at the Ekou-in temple, where it stands to this day.”

Happy 420 everyone!

bonghemia Hradec Králové czech republic

Bonghemia in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic)

Fun fact: Did you know that the country code for the Czech Republic is +420?

Treasure Island

treasure island las vegas topaz denoise ai-clear

Treasure Island (Las Vegas, Nevada – January 2017)

Throwback Thursday

sign den gamle by water mill faborg aarhus denmark topaz denoise ai-standard

Den Gamle By‘s water mill (Aarhus, Denmark)

@Den_Gamle_By #Aarhus #denmark #visitaarhus #dengamleby

Throwing the photo back to 2011 today and the subject all the way back to 1824.

sign den gamle by water mill faborg aarhus denmark topaz denoise ai-standard

Water-mill from the Fåborg area sign


seven photo photomerge panorama fjord faroe islands Árnafjørður

7-photo photomerged panorama of Árnafjørður in the Faroe Islands

I didn’t see another human during the half hour or so that I wandered around the town of Árnafjørður.

My camper van was supposed to have internet. It did not. My phone was supposed to have internet. It did not. (Orange sucks BTW. Advertised as working in the Faroe Islands, Scotland, and the Czech Republic, it didn’t work at all in the Faroe Islands or Scotland and barely worked–at super slow speeds and only sometimes–in the Czech Republic.) I was supposed to be going to a festival in the Faroe Islands. It was canceled. So I had a lot of extra time in the Faroe Islands but no way to know what to do with it. I didn’t have a guidebook. All I had was Google maps.

I drove to every place I could see on Google maps, but since I didn’t have internet, I didn’t know what would be there when I arrived or what to do in these towns. However, the Faroe Islands provided a solution. In every town, there is a really cool map/town overview sign which I would read before exploring. An example of one of these can be seen in the Árnafjørður sign below.

Árnafjørður town map

Miyajima after dark

 miyajima night photography

Miyajima after dark