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Pre-Renovation Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake Temple

The Salt Lake Temple will close December 29, 2019 and will remain closed for about four years while undergoing a major structural and seismic renovation. I don’t know what things will be like on Temple Square during the next four years, but I’m guessing lots of equipment, scaffolding, closed walkways, etc. will make shots like today’s impossible soon. The grounds should be very different come 2024, but I’m not sure how different the exterior of the temple will be.

South for winter

bird feeder in snow

Christmas in Utah

Today we are traveling away from Utah after nearly a week of snow and cold. We aren’t heading south like these birds should have. We are heading mostly west, back to Oregon. Highs along the way are expected to be in the teens. Hopefully the roads are dry and not icy.

Greetings from cold and snowy Utah


Temple Square Nativity

Today’s entry has nothing to do with Japan. It does have a bit to do with travel, though, as I’m currently traveling. Tomorrow we head back to Oregon after nine days in Utah.

Pictured above is the nativity on water. Whenever I’m on Temple Square in Salt Lake City viewing this scene, I always expect to hear some little kid ask their parent if Jesus was born in a lake.

Temple Square Christmas Lights

We spent last Christmas on an island in Thailand. This year we are with family in Utah.

Mountain biking on Sundance

I just got back from my third ride in under a week in the Siskiyous. It’s been 5+ years since I’ve ridden up there three times in a single week. I didn’t have my camera on any of the occasions though. However, I need to test out my laptop (and the photo editing software on it) before our trip to make sure that I can post decent pictures on this blog while we are on the road. So, to that end, I’m going to share some old photos from the laptop of mountain biking in Utah with you.

Two summers ago I was at a family reunion at Aspen Grove Family Camp near Sundance Resort. I brought my mountain bike with me. One day I road down to Sundance and then road up, around, and down some of the single track trails on the mountain. I don’t remember all of the names but some were Archie’s Loop, Scott’s Pond Loop, and Black Forest Loop. There were some crazy downhill parts called something like Rock & Roll and Bonecrusher.

I had so much fun the first day that I went back again on Sunday. It may just have been because it was a Sunday in Utah or something, but I rarely saw anyone else. On the second day I purchased a lift pass which allowed for more downhill riding since you could take the ski lift up. (I know, pretty wimpy, but once you’ve climbed a mountain once the thrill and glory is gone and subsequent climbings are just a lot of hard work. I did climb it once without the lift!)

 ski lift at sundance

This was the lift as I waited for it to open.

riding with no hands

Seldom do you get to see this shot. People usually don’t take pictures mountain biking, myself included, since you don’t want to be hauling the weight of a camera around or risk breaking a camera in a fall. Those pictures you do see are usually of people on bikes on a trail taken by a non-rider. This is a picture while riding with no hands that gives you a good feel for the actual view of the mountain bike rider. I thought it was pretty cool, but as the photographer I’m biased. 😉

mountain biking in aspen trees

A self portrait among the Aspen trees… Some of the scenery was spectacular. What made it even better was the complete lack of people.

scotts pond

Not having spoken with anyone beforehand I didn’t know what to expect once I got up the trail. I was pleasantly surprised to find a pond near the top.

wasatch mountains

If you look closely at the above picture (lower right portion of the photo) you can see that the single track isn’t always great on Sundance. Sometimes it is pretty rocky and in this case it is also pretty dangerous; if you were to take a spill here you may end up going over a cliff of sorts.

mt. timpanogos


Every view was amazing, not the least of which was this backside of Mt. Timpanogos in the Wasatch Mountain Range.